PPM Meters

Bluelab - Grower's Toolbox (716194)

Model: 716194

The Bluelab Grower’s Toolbox combines the essential tools you need to easily manage your crop by measuring the pH, conductivity (ppm) and temperature of the nutrient solution. Learn the hydroponics basics with the Grow Book, so you can get going… And keep growing with the ultimate handy team, the Bluelab pH Pen and Bluelab ppm Pen. These clever little pens make it easy to measure the nutrient uptake (pH), the amount of food available (ppm) and the solution temperature, so you can create the best nutrient environment for your plants’ growth.


Milwaukee TDS / PPM Monitor (716688)

Model: 716688
  • TDS - PPM Monitor
  • User selectable Hi/Low Set Point
  • Manual 1 point calibration
  • Visual LED alarm
  • Supplied with 12 VDC adapter, mounting kit, and 20ml 1382ppm calibration solution
  • MA81/2 PPM Probe with 2m cable (BNC connector)

Milwaukee TDS / PPM Meter (716674)

Model: 716674

Standard TDS - PPM mini-bench meter for quick and reliable measurements.

  • Manual calibration 1 points
  • Faster Processor with The New Chipset and Motherboard
  • 100% Larger & Easier To Read LED Display
  • Smaller, Ergonomic & Lighter Case Design

Includes: 9vDC power supply, mounting Kit, MA811D/1 TDS probe, probe holder, and 20ml 1382ppm calibration solution

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