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Van Patten Publishing - Gardening Indoors With Rockwool (800990)

Model: 800990

This book is packed with all new and revised facts and figures on rockwool, the most popular hydroponic growing medium. It also has detailed instructions showing you how to control pH and electrical conductivity and how to set up a rockwool hydroponic garden. Coupled with a few simple techniques, rockwool can produce twice as much as soil. Soft cover 128 pages.


Van Patten Publishing - Gardening Indoors W/Soil & Hydroponics (800978)

Model: 800978

This fifth edition of Gardening Indoors with Soil & Hydroponics, a best seller since 1986, is expanded and completely rewritten with all new information. More than 670 full color photos, drawings, charts and graphs illustrate every detail of this authoritative easy-to-understand book. This book is very user-friendly, easy to read. Numerous simply cultivation solutions make it appealing to novice gardeners. Seasoned gardeners are also able to find answers to all their questions. Discover how to achieve the biggest, best yields even with limited space and a small budget.


Grow DVDs - No Stress Guide To Hydroponics DVD (800977)

Model: 800977

Sit back, relax and come with us to explore the world of indoor hydroponics gardening. This educational, yet fun film will give you the best insight on how to set up and maintain an indoor hydro garden for years to come. For mature audiences. 72 minutes long.

  • Lighting
  • CO2
  • Atmospheric/Control
  • Nutrients
  • Cloning
  • Super Cropping
  • Hydroponic Systems
  • Growing Substrates
  • Ventilation
  • Odor Control
  • Pest Control

Sunlight Supply - Hydroponics Explained Dvd (800976)

Model: 800976

The complete hydroponic growing guide for fresh healthy herbs, vegetables & flowers. This forty minute DVD will take you step-by-step towards setting up your own system and producing successful crops time after time. Grow real produce with unmatched flavor and nutrition. Whether you are a first time hobbyist, commercial grower, or even considering hydroponics as a new career, then this video will give you a total overview of just how hydroponic systems actually work.


Sunlight Supply - Todays Container Gardening (800972)

Model: 800972

Grow almost anything for an apartment, condo, as an accent for your garden, deck or patio in fabulous containers.  There are plants for the NW, but containers for every area of the US.  Created by Master Gardeners of Washington State - a portion of each DVD sale goes to the Master Gardener Foundation.

Features Include:

  • Finding and choosing containers
  • Suggestions for soil mixes and fertilizers
  • How to design a container
  • Choosing plants with similar growing conditions

Running Press - Beginning Hydroponics Soilless Gardening (800970)

Model: 800970

Hydroponics, a method of gardening without soil, has developed over the past fifty years. While it has been proven both reliable and effective, and has received much attention in some quarters, it is still an unfamiliar practice to many gardeners.

This book is designed to introduce you to the principles and methods of hydroponic gardening.


CRC Press - Hydroponics Tomatoes (800965)

Model: 800965

Home-grown tomatoes can be large, red-ripe, deliciously aromatic and full of flavor. No previous experience necessary. This book makes growing fantastic hydroponic tomatoes much easier. Presented with easy-to-use terms and procedures. A fine manual for producing home-grown tomatoes hydroponically, with automated procedures that minimize work, problems of weather, plant disease and pests so you can enjoy a bountiful, flavorful crop. Many illustrations help to show the way. Soft cover - 142 pages.


CRC Press - Hydroponic Questions & Answers (800962)

Model: 800962

The purpose of this book is to review many questions associated with hydroponic culture and to offer useful suggestions. The questions related to hydroponic systems, plant varieties, plant nutrition, plant culture, plant disease and pest management, environmental factors, optimum ranges, production and marketing. Recommendations come from experiences over the past twenty years of hydroponic growing. Includes such topics as: nutrition, essential elements, greenhouse site, water, physiological disorders, disease, environmental conditions, harvesting, storing, sterilization and much more.


CRC Press - Hydroponic Home Food Gardens (800960)

Model: 800960

Howard Reshs best-selling guidebook for home hydroponic gardeners. This book will help you to produce your own pesticide-free, clean, nutritious vegetable and fruits. You will not have to worry about problems of infertile or infested soil, weeds and pests. Produce up to 20 - 25% greater yields using hydroponic methods. Scores of photographs, drawings and diagrams make it easy to have a variety of gardens; simple hydroponic window or deck trays or containers, or full-scale, productive hydroponic gardens or home greenhouse projects. Soft cover - 159 pages.

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