Deep Water Culture (DWC)

Current Culture - Under Current Double Barrel 24XL13 (703270)

Model: 703270

The Under Current® XL13 and XXL13 systems are ideal for large-scale commercial growers. With the patented Sub-Current Culture® circulation method, growers can now improve operational efficiencies and overall yields. Sub-Current Culture® (SCC) technology utilizes negative water pressure to recirculate highly oxygenated nutrient solution through the plant’s root zone. This continuous fluid motion supercharges the nutrients with dissolved oxygen, creating hyper-aerobic conditions perfect for explosive plant growth.


Flo-n-Gro - Gro Momma Bubbler Bucket (702804)

Model: 702804

The Gro Momma 5 gallon Bubbler Bucket system allows both the experienced and inexperienced grower to garden with ease. All parts are included in this kit, creating a true plug-n-play system. Capable of expansion, the Gro Momma makes filling and draining systems easy no matter how many sites. Deep water culture systems allow for maximum amounts of oxygenation in the root zone, optimizing growth potential. Whether used for producing stock plants or expanded for a complete system, the Gro Momma DWC system is an affordable solution for any grower. Made in the USA. 1 year warranty.

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