Water Filter Accessories

Leader Pumps - Leader CRL5 - Sediment Filter Mesh (727994)

Model: 727994

Wound polypropylene cartridge with rated filtering capacity of 20 microns. Particular suitable to remove suspended particles such as sand. Suitable for installation at the entrance of pumps, industrial refrigerators, softeners.


Leader Pumps - FA5 Clear Housing for Filter (727992)

Model: 727992

5 inch transparent container allows the user to check the filter clogging level and, when necessary, replace the cartridge or clean it. 1 inch female-thread couplings with brass inserts and brass blow-off valve. Filter cartridge (part #727992) is not included and must be purchased separately.


Ideal H2O - Professional Series Chemical Injection System / Softener - (Tank and Pump) (738412)

Model: 738412

The Ideal H2O Chemical Injection System includes a 30 Gallon Reservoir with a 4 GPD Peristaltic pump. The included peristaltic pump is self-priming and has an electronic timer module to accurately flow 4 gallons per day. This system is ideal for use with the Ideal H20 Antiscalant Chemical, drastically reducing the source water's hardness before entering your RO system.

1 Year Warranty.


Hydro-Logic - Flowmaster Low Flow Model 1/4 in (741580)

Model: 741580

Flowmaster - 1/4" QC - gallonage & filter capacity monitor. Operates at flow rates between 0.01-0.5 GPM. Ultra low-flow model. Alerts you when it's time to change your filters. For Stealth RO and Triton RO or most RO systems with 1/4" fittings.


Hydro-Logic - Big Boy Pressure Regulator 3/4 in (741595)

Model: 741595

Brass pressure regulator. 3/4" female pipe thread ports. Adjustable from 20-80 PSI. Compatible with Big Boy and other applications where you need to limit high pressure.


Hydro-Logic - Fittings Kit (741590)

Model: 741590

Introducing the new Hydro-Logic fittings kit! An assembly of our most common fittings for the Stealth, Evolution-RO1000, Small Boy, Tall Boy and Big Boy in one convenient package. The sturdy case keeps your Hydro-Logic™ fittings organized, labeled and easy to find.  Stores: give your customers the best service by offering the items they need most and often at a moment's notice. 65 total pieces of 20 unique fitting types.


Hydro-logic - Stealth RO Low Pressure High Flow Membrane (738240)

Model: 738240

Low pressure, cold water, high flow membrane for Stealth RO models. Approximately 93% PPM rejection. Replaces standard membrane. Produces 200 Gallons Per Day. Stealth RO 100 requires one membrane and produces 200 GPD and Stealth RO 200 requires two membranes and produces 400 GPD.


Hydro-logic - Stealth RO 200 Flow Restrictor (738230)

Model: 738230

Replaces standard Stealth RO 100 & Stealth RO 200 flow restrictors to save 50% of the drain water. Gives a 1:1 ratio. Save more water!


Hydro-logic - Stealth RO100 Flow Restrictor (738225)

Model: 738225

Replaces standard Stealth RO 100 & Stealth RO 200 flow restrictors to save 50% of the drain water. Gives a 1:1 ratio. Save more water!


Hydro-logic Algae Block Sleeve (738235)

Model: 738235

Neoprene sleeve that goes over all standard clear housings. Blocks light
so no algae can grow. Easy to remove to check status of filters.
Reversible blue and black. Fits Stealth RO, Small Boy, and Triton.

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