Air Cooled Ballasts

Lumatek Ice Pak Ballast Cooling Kit (902557)

Model: 902557

Designed specifically to provide extra cooling, the Ice Pack is an externally mounted fan that plugs into the output connector located on the latest generation of Lumatek™ ballasts. Running your ballast with the Ice Pack can prolong the life of your components and helps expel the heat more efficiently, cooling temperatures by up to 20°F.


CAP - Xtreme Nano Dimmable Ballast 1000W (XN1000)

Model: XN1000

The Xtreme Nano is a premier addition to your custom lighting setup. This ballast comes in at an unbelievable size at just 9.65" x 4.9" x 2.3" and weighing an amazing 2.9lbs. In addition, it utilizes our trademarked Independent Ignition Timing™ which delivers a 0-15 second ignition delay to each ballast during start-up, thus eliminating power spikes and circuit overload when firing multiple ballasts at once. It also allows for just the right amount of light, giving you the ability to customize light strength between 100%, 75% and 50% settings.


Lumatek - Air Cooled Dimmable Ballast 1000W/600/400 120/240V (902553)

Model: 902553

This new 1000W air cooled dimmable ballast is the newest addition to the venerable Lumatek line. As everyone knows, electronics perform better and last longer when operated within optimal parameters. An air cooled ballast can help meet the challenge of keeping your gear cool so you can get the most grow out of your gear!

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