Temperature Controllers

PurGro Electronics - GroBot EVOLUTION Grow Room Controller Complete Kit (702704)

Model: 702704

Consistently, correctly and simply grow like a pro!  For far less than it would cost to buy separate devices, you can have the GroBot monitor and control your entire facility with any Internet-capable wireless device.


Titan Controls - Hyperion Data Transfer Module (702620)

Model: 702878

The Hyperion Data Transfer Module is the next step in keeping you informed with what's going on in your grow room. Using SunWave technology, this product allows you to receive all the readings from your Hyperion controller product on your smart phone. It also will give you the ability to remotely adjust your settings and also receive push notifications in the event of an extreme situation (ie. high temp/low temp, high humidity/low humidity, power interruption, etc.).


Autogrow Systems- Intelliclimate (AA-3191-001)

Model: AA-3191-001

The IntelliClimate is still the industry leading indoor climate controller... 7 years running! No other controller on the market give you this much accuracy, efficiency and commercial grade control. The IntelliClimate is not for "hobby" growers, it was designed with the serious grower in mind. Here are a few of the many features:

Super easy to use! The large, interactive screen allows you to easily maneuver between set points, configuration, alarms, statistics and more. Easy to read instructions talk you through each step with ease.


Agrowtek - Temperature Probe (703128)

Model: 703128

High quality lab-grade replacement probes for Agrowtek's hydroponics sensor kit. pH sensor probe is a waterproof 3 ft cable with BNC connection. 0-14 pH measurement range. Electrical conductivity (EC) sensor probe is a waterproof 3 ft cable with tinned leads for terminal block connection. 0-5000 microSiemens measurement range. Temperature sensor probe is a waterproof 3 ft cable with tinned leads for terminal block connection. -40 – 145°F sensing range, stainless steel probe sheath.


Agrowtek - 8 Output Expansion (703108)

Model: 703108

XD Eight-output expansion module for Agrowtek's GC-Pro and GC-ProXL series controllers. Add eight more outputs to GrowControl™ controllers by installing an XD module. GC-Pro controllers accept up to one XD module; GC-ProXL controllers accept up to three XD modules.


Agrowtek - Grow Control GC-Pro Quad-Zone Climate Controller (703102)

Model: 703102

Agrowtek's GC-Pro controls up to four climate zones. Complete control of temperature, humidity, lighting, CO2 (sensor optional), timers, irrigation and more!


  • two sensor ports
  • four discrete inputs
  • twelve outputs for relays and one basic climate sensor
  • Serial & Ethernet ports for free remote monitoring software
  • Up to four (4) climate zones with basic climate
  • lighting and timer controls (no dosing controls)

Samsung - Wired Controller for 48,000 Mini Split - Non-Programmable (700543)

Model: 700543

Wired Controller for 700542, 36K mini split. Non-programmable. Functions: On/Off, set temperature, fan speed control, error code display, filter replacement alarm, auto mode, event timer. (16 AWG, 2 conductor shielded cable not included).


Grozone Controls - Garden Controls Fan Controller (703372)

Model: 703372

The Fan Controller automatically slows down or speeds up centrifugal fans to maintain the room temperature at a value corresponding to the day or night set points. Day and Night temperature set points: 50°F to 100°F.


Grozone Controls - Garden Controls Cooling Thermostat (703371)

Model: 703371

The Cooling Thermostat controls cooling fans to maintain the room temperature at a value corresponding to the day or night set points. Day & Night Temperature Set Points: 50°F to 100°F (10°C to 38°C). 3-position slide switch to select differential: +/- 2°F: Fan will start 2°F above set point and will stop 2°F below set point, +/- 4°F: Fan will start 4°F above set point and will stop 4°F below set point and+/- 6°F: Fan will start 6°F above set point and will stop 6°F below set point.


Agrowtek - Grow Control Hydro Sensor Kit w/ Probes (pH/EC/Temp) (703120)

Model: 703120

Add a hydro sensor kit to your GC-Pro or GC-Plus to automate your pH and nutrient feeding! Let the controller do the work and manage your reservoir! Also see AgrowDoseTM dosing pumps.

GrowControl Hydroponics sensor kit includes pH, electrical conductivity and temperature sensors for monitoring nutrient reservoirs and operating dosing pumps for automatic nutrient and pH control. GC-Pro & GC-ProXL dose up to eight parts nutrients and two parts pH per kit for re-circulating and drain-to-waste systems. 15 ft sensor cable included.

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