CO2 Regulators

Titan Controls Ares Series Replacement LP Hose and Regulator (702490)

Model: 702490

LP and NG hose and regulator replacement parts. Made specifically for to work with Titan Controls® Ares® CO2 generators.


Sentinel - CO2 Expansion Regulator (CO2-EXP) (702560)

Model: 702560

CO2 Expansion Regulator for use with CO2-REG:
Designed to be used with the CO2-REG. Using the CO2-EXP together with the CO2-REG allows 2 tanks to be connected and controlled. Extend time between required tank charges. The connection to the CO2-EXP is low pressure making installation safe and easy. The CO2-EXP comes with its own easy to read gauge and 1/4” interconnecting hose.


Sentinel - CO2 Regulator (CO2-REG)


CO2 Regulator with flow-gauge, solenoid valve & power cable:
The CO2-REG controls the flow of CO2 and regulates the amount of CO2 with a precision flow gauge that can be set from 1/2 – 15 SCFH (standard cubic feet per hour). The color coded pressure gauge is easy to read and understand. Comes with a 6 foot power cord and 120 volt solenoid pre-wired. Ready to connect to a controller or a timer. Can be used with either 20 lb or 50 lb CO2 cylinders. The CO2-REG reduces the pressure from the cylinder from over 2000 psi down to 30 psi. Maximum inlet 3000 psi.


Titan Controls - C02 Regulator Inline Heater 120V (702715)

Model: 702715

The Titan Controls® C02 heater was designed to prevent C02 regulator freeze-up and avoid cracking the internal diaphragm of the regulator due to high flow conditions. The C02 Heater is installed between the C02 cylinder valve and the regulator, and warms the gas stream allowing for increased flow rates without regulator freeze-up. The C02 Heater may be used in conjunction with a Titan Controls C02 Greenhouse Regulator or any other C02 regulator system.


Titan Controls - CO2 Regulator Replacement Washer (702712)

Model: 702712

This is just a replacement washer for the Titan Controls CO2 Regulator -- regulator sold separately!


Titan Controls - (CO2) Carbon Dioxide Regulator (702710)

Model: 702710

This is the standard for CO2 regulators, from Titan Controls. If you're looking for a dependable carbon dioxide regulator for your advanced gardening needs that won't break the bank, this is it! Titan Controls products are made from the most durable materials in order to deliver reliable optimal function over a long lifetime, even in the harshest greenhouse environment. Titan Controls backs its products with an industry-leading 3 year warranty!


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