Sentinel GPS

Sentinel provides industry leading Digital Environmental Controllers, Digital Timers, PPM Regulators, PPM Controllers, Variable Output Generators with Electronic Ignition, and Lighting Controllers. Sentinel is best known for building rugged, reliable, highly accurate equipment, with thoughtful convenient features, and top marks for safety.

Automation... the key to successful indoor gardening?
You have all seen them out there, those complicated cryptic looking devices sold next to the timers and other electrical devices. Environmental controllers are simple in what they do, just a bit misunderstood. Think of them as little “robots”. Environmental controllers are automated devices and their job is to monitor the conditions inside your growing area 24 hours a day, and to make adjustments as required to maintain the grow room at your desired temperature, humidity and CO2 levels.

An indoor garden can only produce consistent results if several factors are managed. Think of each factor as a separate “link” in the chain. If any of the “links” in your garden are weak, your plants will find the weak link and respond negatively to it. Some people provide their plants the proper nutrients ... give them quality light, and still have problems growing healthy plants... Why? If the indoor environmental conditions are not being controlled properly, they could be the weakest link. One of the most important considerations for a successful grower, is to properly and accurately control the environmental conditions inside the growing area. Sentinel Environmental Controllers makes that EASY.

The engineers at Sentinel GPS, Inc. have been designing horticultural products since 1997.
Our mission today is much the same as it was when they started.. "To produce better products...with competitive prices.” We always choose high quality components over inferior "economy” parts.

  • We do this without sacrificing quality.
  • We make concentrated efforts to design products that give gardeners the solutions they want AND need.
  • Our designs are "user friendly" and we pride ourselves on making products that just "make sense".

"Build a name to be trusted.”
Our engineers have in the past and will in the future change the way people think about things like supplemental safety and reliability. Our engineers even introduced a thing called "Fuzzy Logic" to the industry. So I guess you could say...

"Those who do not lead...follow”
That is why Sentinel has decided to take the lead to change the face of an industry. Hydroponics has been around for thousands of years. But only in recent years has the full potential of hydroponics began to be recognized. This is primarily due to technology. we are taking advantage of the huge advances in computer technology and software to design some truly revolutionary products.

"We will never follow..But we may refine it.”
Certain products MUST maintain a high degree of reliability while performing critical functions. Items like environmental controllers and lighting controllers, timers, and flammable generators. Products carrying the name Sentinel GPS continue with this trend.

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