Sunlight Supply - Todays Container Gardening (800972)

Model: 800972

Grow almost anything for an apartment, condo, as an accent for your garden, deck or patio in fabulous containers.  There are plants for the NW, but containers for every area of the US.  Created by Master Gardeners of Washington State - a portion of each DVD sale goes to the Master Gardener Foundation.

Features Include:

  • Finding and choosing containers
  • Suggestions for soil mixes and fertilizers
  • How to design a container
  • Choosing plants with similar growing conditions
  • Growing tropicals out of normal zones
  • Succulents, ornamentals and trees in containers
  • Patio farming and growing vegetables and herbs
  • Containers for all seasons
Weight: 0.5 lb.
Dimensions: 7.2in. × 5in. × 1in.
List Price: $15.99